CD-Cover-Andean-Colours-web400x300Kanatan Aski is name of the musical group founded by Marcos Arcentales in 1992 on the eve of the 500 anniversary of the European influence on the Indigenous peoples of the Americas.  The band was named by First Nations Playwright Floyd Favel (Cree Nation) meaning “clean land”. Kanatan Aski recorded three albums “Andean Colours” ” Andean Colours” and the Juno nominated “Condor Meets the Eagle”.

Kanatan Aski latest project is the Indigenous World Music Project and is part of Tierra Sol Crafts which sells handmade native crafts and musical instruments  from  artisans from the Americas.

Indigenous World Music Project tells the story of the Andean, Aboriginal, Inuit, Latino and Canadian peoples whose musical influences are separated by geography but not by musical time. It is a fusion of music from the Americas composed by Marcos featuring Inuit throat singers, native drumming and chanting, pan pipes and string quartet. Which is a natural segue of the ideas and concepts that began with Kanatan Aski  and collaborator Pura Fe.


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