Titile-Page-websiteThe Indigenous World Music Project: presents a distinctive voice for Native peoples throughout the Americas. Latin and First Nations professional musicians in collaboration, create a sound to unify their culture through music. The professional caliber of Native musicians today brings an exciting new wave of performers both traditional and contemporary. Aboriginal musicians write about native life and celebrate it. The Indigenous World concept has been embraced by the Native community, the time is right for it to appeal to a wider Canadian audience. Indigenous World is a recording  that tells the story of the Andean, Aboriginal, Inuit, Latino, and Canadian peoples whose musical influences are separated geography but not by musical time.
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Background: Marcos has been in development with “Indigenous World” for over a decade as the Producer; Composer and Performer,  He has composed and produced experimental demo tracks for this project over the last seven years and is now near completion at the Q Music Studios in Toronto. Produced by Marcos Arcentales & Donald Quan it features many native musicians and performers across Canada such as;  Pura Fe (vocals) Michele St. John (vocals) Jason Burnstick (guitar) Marie Gaudet (vocals), Kino Arcentales (pan pipes, spoken word) Miguel Vasquez (Flute & Latin Percussion: congas, bongos, cajon) just to name a few.

Marcos is the founding member of Kanatan Aski; World Beat and Native fusion band that introduced a new level of musical sound with its debut CD “Condor Meets the Eagle” (Juno Nomination 1994). Andean Colours and Andean Universe soon followed. Marcos has traveled throughout Canada and the Americas as a musician and composer working as a key collaborator with a number of leading Native artists.

As an urban Canadian with many cultural diversities he has shared his Andean musical roots in a way that reflects the multifaceted music and cultural traditions within the native community in all of the Americas as performer and composer. He has a great infinity with indigenous peoples not only in South American but throughout all of the Americas; his aim is to bring together Native peoples through music.

Indigenous music and sounds have always been part of the American continent that tells the story of past and present. Marcos’ vision has been to bring out a new form of contemporary style of sound without losing its true organic essence. Today´s “Indigenous World” musical sound incorporates the digital elements heard yet not developing a sound that can truly call ¨indigenized music.¨

“Indigenous World” tells a story that is endless in its musical form without distorting the traditional sound too extensively. It resonates a truly Canadian made musical fusion without being mainstream. Experimental and yet still traditional it relates to how our world is giving a voice to Mother Earth with music.
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Tantio CarvingThe Story: In 1492 the Spanish made first contact with the Taino Nation of the Caribbean. “Conquista” was in their hearts and so began a vast genocide, a genocide that spread to the many Nations of Abya Yala (Kuna word meaning “Land of our Blood Ancestors”)

Soon after, to the North the English, Dutch and the French claimed Turtle Island and began the displacement of the Northern Nations. The Elders foretold of “the Condor meets the Eagle” a prophesy of a day when after 500 years, the many Nations who did survive the onslaught would continue their resistance. It would be then that, the Eagle of the North will fly side by side with the Condor of the South reminding the people that we are one family. A re-birth of Mother Earth will occur in a place called Indigenous World uniting all Indigenous people from the Four Directions of the Earth.

The Elders told how music will heal its people from centuries of oppression. The Southern Nations will touch people’s hearts with their Quena flutes and Zamponia Pan-pipes, while the Northern Nations will sing with their drum to the heart beat of Mother Earth. Indigenous World will become a place where dance and music shall free the spirit and cleanse the Earth.

“The Indigenous World and mind will not die nor the Indigenous soul; for Mother Earth will not allow it.” (Lyrics from the title song by Pura Fé)


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