Tierra Sol Crafts can be found at most major festivals in Canada, native conferences, and selected malls in western Canada.

Kiosk Set Up

Tierra Sol Crafts setup is flexible and adaptable to suite its location; from a 10×10′ festival pop up tent to a mall interior. Tierra Sol Crafts design and display is a professional quality found in many bricks and mortar shops using professional shelving, display cases and racks.

Tierra Sol Crafts began over 15 years ago selling handmade musical instruments and jewellery.  Marcos Arcentales & his wife Pati Cajas have strong ties to the indigenous people of south, central and north America.  Marcos is Canadian but both parents were from Ecuador and he lived among native peoples in Ontario, B.C & Saskatchewan.  Pati is originally from Ecuador. Marcos a talented musician and artist hand made many of the flutes, drums and charangos.  His wife Pati Cajas designed and hand crafted the sliver plated/precious stone jewellery. Their son and daughter are involved with the textiles and clay works. The success of Tierra Sol Crafts it became difficult to hand craft enough stock  to sell.  They began so seek work by other artisans  but it was paramount the crafts must represent the indigenous community.  It had a humble start through family connections and word of mouth artisans from south, central and north America approached Tierra Sol Crafts to sell their work.  Today Tierra Sol Crafts sells only fair trade items having established a personal relationship with all of the artisans.

All the products are created by skilled  artisans and sourced by Tierra Sol Crafts.  They are crafted by the best craftsmen and women in the business and bought directly from the artisans who create them.

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