PACHA logo 150pxPACHA Indigenous Art Collective is a family run business brings colour to the Korean Town area located at 614 Bloor St. W. near Palmerston. Visiting PACHA you will see the past that still persistent in a fast passed world. It’s not just a place to shop it’s a place where cultural identities are seen in all our handmade items created through collectives and fair trade.

PACHA is a place where people can learn the stories and myths of many of the items displayed for show and sale. Many native artists will be onsite for special events to tell the stories while demonstrating their crafts.  Be sure to check the Facebook page for upcoming events and specials.

PACHA meaning Earth in Kichwa is an Indigenous Art Collective bringing indigenous arts from Turtle Island (North) and Abyayala (South) American continent. It is a place that binds traditional art and craft making of Ocarina flutes, rubber drums and other uniquely made musical instruments. Also included are leather bags with handmade tapestry, West Coast silver jewellery and hand carved masks that represent tricksters and goblins.

PACHA will be a place not only of the sale of unique art and accessories but in the near future will also hold workshops such as “Learn how to play Charango guitar,” “How to make deer hide drums,” or hear special guest speakers on environmental issues and indigenous cosmology and ceremonies.

Indigenous people believe that we are the sole care givers of Mother Earth, entrusting in the belief of the many stories of creation and evolution of the human spirit.

PACHA Store Hours M-F & S: 10am-7pm Sun: 12-5pm


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