The Music

The band Kanatan Aski was formed in 1992 by Marcos Arcentales (composer, charango, pan pipes, flutes, vocals) with Luis Abanto (flutes and pan flutes, saxophone, and vocals) Luis Amado Maigua (charango, guitar, vocals)  Antonio Maldonado (percussion and vocals) and Fernando Hinojosa (guitar, charango, vocals) They recorded three independent CD’s and sold more than any independent CD at the time.  No longer together as a band Marcos continues to work and perform as Kanatan Aski and the original members still collaborate on other musical projects and are part of the Indigenous World Music Project.

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Recordings by Kanatan Aski.

CD-Cover-Condor-Meets-the-Eagle-webCondor Meets the Eagle
A new style of Native contemporary music featuring the pan pipe sounds of the Andes featuring the traditional voices of Pura Fe (Tuscarora) and Monique Mojica (Cuna). It was nominated for a world music Juno in 1994



CD-Cover-Andean-Colours-web400x300Andean Colours
The second release that brings together traditional Andean music the musicians using their own style blend it into a new contemporary sound.



CD-Cover-Andean-Universe2-webAndean Universe
The third release is a compilation of traditional and contemporary Andean music.  It expands on the original concepts of Andean music but with new songs composed for this CD thus creating more contemporary style of music.




IW-slider 400x300Indigenous World Music Project
When embarking on the project the scope and complexities to bring the music and sounds together from all of the indigenous peoples of the Americas to create a sound to unify their culture through music was larger than Marcos expected. It has been in development for the last decade recording native singers and musicians across Canada.  In 2014  with over 20+musicians it is finally near completion.

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