Arts-Mask-eye-CU-web6Tierra Sol Crafts is a family business run by Marcos Arcentales and his wife Pati Cajas along with extended family. Marcos a talented graphic artist and instrumentalist began to design and make indigenous musical instruments, along with jewellery, leather goods, and visual art.

The roots of the crafts and design are based on the path of the Kechwa people in the land of the last empire in the Andes mountains– The Inca Empire.

Artisans-carving 120x175

The materials are provided by our mother Earth: semiprecious stones, shells, natural dyes, yarns & leather, etc, all to create wonderful pieces of art.Every product tells a story of hundreds of years of history. The products are sources and hand made by families in Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia and Colombia.


Tierra Sol Crafts has built a network of indigenous Black-Leather-Purse-webcraftspeople throughout the Americas; Ecuador, Perú, Bolivia and Columbia. Working directly with Native Artisan families for the last twenty years Marcos utilized his entrepreneurial “grass roots” promotion knowledge and began to sell quality traditional crafts, hand crafted musical instruments, jewellery, artwork at various craft shows and Native/Indigenous Peoples events throughout North, Latin and South America.

If you are interested in further information or purchasing an item please contact Tierra Sol by filling out the form on the right.

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Fair Trade family run business working with Native and Indigenous Peoples

Photos of  Tierra Sol Crafts by: Pati Cajas

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